Attention! Competition!

Aug 22, 2021 23:39
Dear Investors!
Attention! Competition!
The competition will last 5 days from 08/23/21 to 08/28/21 inclusive.

Conditions of the competition:
When you open a deposit in the amount of $ 100 or more, you have the opportunity to receive a bonus of 2% of the replenishment amount, which, after checking the fulfilled conditions of the competition (24 hours), will be immediately available for withdrawal????

Today we are 111 days old!

Jun 10, 2021 10:50
Dear investors!
Today we are 111 days old!
The project is developing smoothly according to the road map.
We have great plans for the future and for the current moment.
Your participation for us is invaluable! Thank you!
Regards the administration